Holding Hands

Couples Therapy


Specialized care to support you through any challenge, at any stage of your relationship.

Couples therapy can help people struggling with communication, intimacy, post affair recovery, parenting, phase of life challenges, blended family or in-law conflict, or coping with mental or physical health conditions.

Couples enter therapy for many reasons and at varied stages of their relationship. Some are sure that they want to repair the relationship. Others are looking for help deciding whether to stay together. Others have decided or nearly decided to separate and are they looking for help navigating separation or divorce.

All of these scenarios can benefit from couples therapy. When we first meet with you, we spend time assessing the history and goals for your relationship. From there, we will decide together on a plan that matches the intent for therapy.

Approaches include Solution Focused Therapy for Couples, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Couples, Imago Therapy, Trauma Sensitive Therapy for Couples, The Gottman Method, or Discernment Counseling.

We work with married and unmarried couples of all sexual orientations and genders.