Image by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández

Depression and Mood Disorders


Let us help you understand your depression or other mood disorder to promote healing...

Depression or other mood disorders can present in many different ways: sadness, guilt, sleep disturbance, loss of pleasure, social withdrawal and fatigue to name a few.

These disorders are often much more than just the common symptoms most of us know to make up depression or mood disorders. Depression and mood disorders often impact every part of someones life. Such as the ability to function as an effective partner and/or parent, to form and maintain positive relationships, the ability to work, to solve problems and much more. 

What we do know is that when someone can understand their symptoms, they are more likely to overcome depression. We focus on supporting you to become an expert on your depression - know your signs, symptoms, triggers and vulnerabilities.  Let's give you a plan within the first few sessions that gives you the confidence to feel your feelings, understand them and know what to do about them.

Many mood disorders, including depression and bipolar II disorder, do benefit from therapeutic support and skills building. Therapy approaches may include Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, or Family Therapy. For moderate to severe depression or bipolar disorder, we collaborate treatment with other providers and family members when possible to best support your recovery within a greater system of care.