Image by Joseph Barrientos

Anxiety Disorders


Focusing on teaching you what to do and how to do it.....

Anxiety can present in many different ways: avoidance, conflict, outbursts, seeking reassurance, disruptive to family routines and relationships, obsessive thinking, irritability, tummy aches, social avoidance, and striving for perfection to name a few.

We often hear clients, families and parents come to us stating that they have learned about anxiety and how to distract themselves from the worry, but not what to do about. We have found that clients and their families appreciate a clear plan that gets them moving from the very first session.

These problems are not permanent! So, let's give you a plan within the first few sessions that gives you the confidence to feel your feelings, understand them and know what to do about them.

We offer an approach to anxiety that is rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We teach concrete and directive skills that offer clients new strategies to manage their worries. With children, we require parents to be involved in the anxiety treatment as well so that they are learning the skills alongside their child. 

We believe that teaching clients and families what to do and how to do it right from the start can empower them to see that they can understand and manage worry.